So Sorry for Lack of Posts!!

Um, title explains. :-(. I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I've just been so, SO busy.  I promise I'll have a photostory up by the end of next week. :-). Thank you for your patience! 


Song Saturday

Here is Song Saturday for this week! :). Gold by Britt Nicole.  Enjoy!!! And I'm so very sorry its been a week since I last posted!  I will be fixing that! ;)

Song Saturday

I thought I'd do a new thing where I post a song every week. :). This week's is 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road/You're Off to see the Wizard' from the Wizard of Oz. :). Yeah, there'll probably be a lot of songs from old musicals shared.  Did ya know this year is the Wizard of Oz movie's 75th anniversary? :). And don't tell me that you haven't ever wanted a pair of shoes like Dorothy's; I lovelovelove those shoes!! :)
(Video courtesy of youtube :))

Enjoy!! :)



It's time for......Camp Doll Diaries!!! :-)

It is time for.......Camp Doll Diaries!!! *applause* LOL. Ok, Camp Doll Diaries actually officially started a few days ago, but we're all a little late jumping on the bandwagon over here, so my friends and I are going to be late registrations. ;). My friends and I are so very excited, and the counselor/director (aka VintageGirl) is running around like a crazy maniac to get our cabins and sign-up sheets and dining room and activities and....ok, I'll just stop there.  Whew!  :). Anyway, we're really looking forward to it, and VintageGirl says we will start camp next Friday.  Till then, dear readers.....

Moi, the amazing, the awesome, Saige.  Ok, just kidding. ;). I'll just sign it 'Saige'. See everyone around! 

P.S.  Yeah, I know Saige is a little crazy. ;). Thank you for reading, everyone!

The new Tropical Toss game app from American Girl. :-)

So American Girl came out with a new game app, Tropical Toss. :). It is MyAmericanGirl themed.  The point of the game is to click these little buttons and have your character follow what the 'instructor' does for keeping this ball up in the air.  Personally, I don't know why there would be an instructor for that, but, uh, whatever. ;). Maybe they were more going for volleyball.  Anyway, enjoy the following pics! :)

These are the 'characters you have to pick from. :)

There are also these options for outfits, other than the pink dress shown above. (modeled by the character I chose) :)

And here is the 'instructor' showing you how to click this button or something. :). The player presses on the appropriate button when it lights up (in this case the yellow one), and then the instructor or character jumps up and hits the ball back up.  Although the instructor and my character look like they are in great pain in these screenshots or something. LOL

Evidently I missed......oops.  I didn't think I did, though.  An annoying glitch in the game

And here they are doing another move to hit the ball.... :)

Yay! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :). Is the game cute?  Yes, of course, and I like all the options for your character and her outfit.  However, the actual gameplay can get really annoying.  At times, the graphics can get stodgy, and you'll keep clicking the appropriate button and the character won't do anything.  So the game says you missed and starts over.  Can I say A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.?  ;). The overall game idea was really cute, and a good idea for summer, but I definitely like the earlier AG game apps much better, like Gymtastic and Shave Ice. :). However, the app is free (yay!! :) ), so I would say to go ahead and try it.  Have fun!!!!! :D



McDonald's 'Set for School Isabelle' Mini Doll :-)

I just got this Mini Isabelle, so I thought I'd share some pictures. :).  (and I am again sorry for some of the lousy pictures. :P)

Here she is in the package:
Right out of the packaging: :)

Close up of her cute face: :D

And here is the front and back of the little movie card:

And here she is out of the packaging. :). (pardon the finger in the corner ;)). She is so adorable!  One of her arms moves a tiny bit, and her head turns. Her clothes and hat are plastic.  She's so adorable!!!! :)

She has her pink hair too! :)

She is about 3 inches tall.

And I'll end with this picture of Miss Isabelle. :)


McDonald's 'Lovely Lace-Up Isabelle' Toy! :-)

I thought I'd share some pictures of the 'Lovely Lace-Up Isabelle' toy from McDonald's. :). It comes with a kind of a paper doll, some outfits, a little card with pictures from the movie, and some stickers.  It also has some instructions on how to put the outfits on. In the package:
Everything out of the package:

(I apologize for some of the not-so-great, blurry pics. :))
Isabelle paper doll:
Close up of her face: (She's really cute!! :))
Stickers and back of the movie card: 

I also apologize for this one being sideways and having that odd border...... :)

And Miss Isabelle with one of her outfits on: :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :)